Institut Guttmann

The Institut Guttmann is a specialized hospital in the medical and surgical treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury or other neurological disabilities. Its main objective is to provide specialised, comprehensive, continuous and personalized care, incorporating the highest levels of science, technology and compassion.

Its characteristic care model is based on the intervention of an expert multidisciplinary team, the compassion and specialisation of its professionals, and the scientific rigour with which it operates; together with modern facilities and the continuous incorporation of the latest technology, these make the Institut Guttmann one of the world’s leading hospitals in its field today.

The care and neurorehabilitation activity of the Institut Guttmann is organised by functional units and clinical programmes for the rehabilitation of patients, as well as a number of specific clinical procedures able to bring significant qualitative improvements in the health field and in the improvement of the quality of life of those affected by a neurological disability.

Main Treatments

1- Spinal cord
2- Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
3- Cerebrovascular accident (stroke)
4- Cerebral Palsy
5- Multiple sclerosis
6- Parkinson's
7- Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
8- Post-polio Syndrome
9- Dysmelia
10- Guillain-Barré syndrome