Barcelona Health City is proud to be collaborating with some of the leading hospitals across Spain and Europe, famous for their excellence in premium healthcare services and their advanced medical treatments

Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre

The Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre is the leading medical institution in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions. Since 1941, we have been offering comprehensive eyecare to patients from all around the world thanks to our medical team of 30 highly specialised ophthalmologists of recognised professional prestige.

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Dexeus University Hospital

Dexeus University Hospital in Barcelona provides first-rate medical and surgical care in the main specialities. The centre has a solid team of over 450 medical professionals and incorporates the latest functional and technological advances of the most cutting-edge medical centres. These days, it has established itself as a hospital for personalised patient treatment, aimed at the development of medicine, research and teaching.

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Institut Guttmann

The Institut Guttmann is a hospital specialized in the medical-surgical treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation of people (adults, youth and children) with spinal cord injury, acquired brain damage or other neurological disability. Its fundamental objective is to provide specialized, comprehensive, continuous, personalized care with the highest human, scientific and technical level.

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Quiron Salud

Quirónsalud Barcelona Hospital is one of the references in private healthcare thanks to its continuing efforts to renew and adapt in order to provide patients with everything that they could need: the most qualified doctors; the most innovative technological methods; warm, personalised and discreet treatment; and exceptional accommodation.

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Sant Joan de Déu Hospital

SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is a private, non-profit institution that is dedicated to public service. Treating and Caring: these two simple words define what SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital in Barcelona is all about. The activity and high degree of specialisation at SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital makes it one of the most important hospitals in Europe that treats mothers, children and young people. Our Hospital treats more children and young people in Spain than any other, and we are the leading hospital in our geographic area.

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Teknon Medical Center

Teknon Medical Center is part of the Quironsalud Hospital Group, it has some of the most advanced laboratories in Europe, allowing the hospital to offer personalized treatment for the most advanced diseases, such as cancer and 3D-printing of bones. The Centre also prides itself for offering the most advanced neuronavigational equipment, which allows a higher success rate in its surgeries..

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