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Barcelona Health City is a leading health tourism company in the city of Barcelona. It offers a comprehensive set of skills and services designed especially to make your medical journey to recovery as smooth and stress free as possible
The Story!

Message from our Founder

“It is very rare that one can get to find his passion in life and turn it to as successful career, I am very blessed to be one of those people. From my early days in Spain, back in the 1960’s, I saw the wide gap between the East and West in terms of culture, misconceptions, lifestyle, sciences and most importantly, medicine. I wanted to bridge that gap, and took on my shoulders the responsibility of bringing both cultures closer through one of the most noble industries, Medical Care. Medicine is unique in its nature as it doesn’t acknowledge the differences between humans’ race, color, gender, culture and ethnicity, it’s for all, and that was my starting point. When I look back at the past four decades, and I see the thousands of smiles and satisfied faces of our patients and their families, I am immediately overtaken by an overwhelming feeling of pride and comfort, knowing that Barcelona Health City was able to change so many lives to the better."

Building on our past, our future looks even brighter, we keep expanding our services, forming more strategic cooperations, and finding the best technologies and treatments for our clients in the most advanced medical facilities in Spain. Yet, with our growth, we insist on holding tight to our core values and work ethos, we are a family based business, and we will always uphold the universal family values that relates to all our clients from across the world.

Our Journey

Barcelona Health City was born in 1962, when its founder, Mr. Burhan Kuria, started the business in Barcelona, closely working with Barraquer Eye Center at the beginning of its operations, making it the first Medical Tourism company of its kind. The cooperation was a great success, resulting in treating thousands of international patients from across the world, due to the excellent quality of Eye treatments at Barraquer, and the dedication of Mr. Kuria to ensure that all patients get the best Health Tourism services across Europe.

Few years later, BHC grew its reputation as a leading Health Tourism company, and Mr. Kuria network of connections expanded across the world in general, and the Middle East in particular, prompting his sons, Khaled and Samer, to join the business and work on developing the company through a strong and solid network of stakeholders in Barcelona and Spain’s medical sector, cooperating with the best medical leaders in their respective fields.

With its deep understanding of cultural diversity among its patients, BHC has redefined the answer for the question of “What is Medical Tourism?”, offering customized quality medical services for international patients that choose Spain for their medical diagnosis and treatments. BHC affiliated hospitals are among the best in Europe and worldwide. We collaborate with well-known specialists and professionals in different medical fields. Such cooperation allows us to guarantee a fast organization of the first appointment, and receive a second opinion with comprehensive diagnosis together with a treatment plan that includes all procedures, timings and cost estimates.

We take care of our customers from the moment we receive the request until they return home after having completed their medical treatment. After that we go the extra mile making sure patients receive their medical reports once they are back home, and schedule follow up visits. In keeping with our mission, vision, and values, we focus on caring for people’s health and well-being, putting top-quality health services at their disposal.

We focus on caring for
People’s Health & Well-being


Providing comprehensive solutions to all our patients, thus ensuring quality medical and surgical services, whilst delivering extraordinary healthcare in the most innovative and effective ways, in addition to creating dynamic experiences while improving the healthcare of our patients


Become the leading medical tourism facilitator in Spain


Being a family business, with deeply rooted Arabic origins,we stand for Respect, Compassion, Trust, Honesty and Reliability